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Recent News

    • 2022-08: Jun's paper "Robust Node Classification on Graphs: Jointly from Bayesian Label Transition and Topology-based Label Propagation" is accepted for CIKM '22 Conference; Congratulations to Jun!
    • 2022-05: Paper with Ahsanul Kabir on casualty extraction from medical literature is accepted!
    • 2022-04: Dr. Hasan is serving as general Chair for CIKM 2022 to be held in Atlanta, GA! CIKM is back to in-person conference after two years!
    • 2022-03: Dr. Hasan's eBay eRUPT grant has been renewed for the second year!
    • 2022-02: Jun's paper "How Does Bayesian Noisy Self-Supervision Defend Graph Convolutional Networks?" is published in Neural Process Lett Journal.
    • 2021-12: Jun's paper "Deperturbation of Online Social Networks via Bayesian Label Transition" is accepted for SIAM SDM '22 Conference; Congratulations to Jun!
    • 2021-12: Jun's paper "Defending Graph Convolutional Networks against Dynamic Graph Perturbations via Bayesian Self-supervision" is accepted for AAAI '22 Conference; Congratulations to Jun!
    • 2021-06: Jun's paper "Non-exhaustive Learning Using Gaussian Mixture Generative Adversarial Networks" is accepted for ECML-PKDD '21 Conference; Congratulations to Jun!
    • 2021-06: We are now working on application of AI in agricultural domain. Here is our SIGKDD paper on deep learning based crop row detection from video data!
    • 2021-03: Dr. Hasan has won eBay eRUPT research grant from eBay Inc, San Jose for research on understanding user intent in E-commerce queries!
    • 2020-05: Our paper on Dynamic Topic Model of the Twitter narratives on Covid-19 data is accepted in social sensing workshop in AAAI ICWSM conference!
    • 2020-02: Our TKDE journal paper on reliability maximization on uncertain graph is now accepted!
    • 2019-08: Dr. Hasan received new NSF grant to develop methodologies for knowledge graph construction!
    • 2019-06: A short paper got accepted in ACM/IEEE ASONAM 2019 conference! Congratulations to Vachik, and Baichuan!
    • 2019-05: One full paper got accepted in ACM SIGKDD 2019 conference! Congratulations to the REU 2018 team.
    • 2019-04: One full paper got accepted in ACM JCDL 2019 conference, congratulations to Baichuan and Vachik!
    • 2018-08: One industry track full paper got accepted in CIKM 2018, congratulations Vachik and Baichuan!
    • 2018-04: Congratulations to Tanay Saha for successfully defending his Ph.D. Tanay is heading to eBay!
    • 2017-12: Paper with Baichuan Zhang and Pin-Yu Chen from IBM research titled "Incremental Eigenpair Computation for Graph Laplacian Matrices: Theory and Applications" has been published in Social Network Analysis and Mining.
    • 2017-11: Congratulations to Baichuan Zhang for successfully defending his Ph.D. Baichuan is heading to Facebook!
    • 2017-10: Three papers from our group has been accepted in 2017 IEEE BigData Conference. Congratulations to Mansurul, Vachik, and Aritra.
    • 2017-10: Paper with Tanay Saha titled "Discovery of Functional Motifs from the Interface Region of Oligomeric Proteins using Frequent Subgraph Mining" has been accepted in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.
    • 2017-08: Paper with Tanay Saha titled "Learning Sentence Representation with Context" has been accepted in CIKM 2017 as a research track full paper.
    • 2017-08: Paper with Baichuan Zhang titled "Name Disambiguation in Anonymized Graphs using Network Embedding" has been accepted in CIKM 2017 as a research track full paper.
    • 2017-03: Our work of "Waiting to be Sold: Prediction of Time-Dependent House Selling Probability" is highlighted in Fox 69 Indianapolis news. Media coverage is available from here.
    • 2017-03: Dr. Hasan has receiving NSF grant for IUPUI undergraduate data science research program.

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