Dr. Mohammad Al Hasan (cv)


Associate Professor, Computer Science, Indiana University-Purdue University
Email: alhasan AT cs DOT iupui DOT edu
Office: 723 W. Michigan Street, SL 277 Indianapolis, IN
Research Interest: Data Mining, Graph Mining, Network Sampling, Bio-Informatics, Biomedical-Informatics, Machine Learning and Social Network Analysis

Graduate Students

Tanay Kumar Saha


Email: tksaha AT  iupui DOT edu
Walker 300 
Joining Semester: Fall 2012
Research Interest: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, BioInformatics 

Vachik Dave 


vsdave AT iupui DOT edu 
walker 300
Joining semester: Spring 2013 
Research Interest: Data Mining, Graph Algorithms, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. 

Baichuan Zhang


PhD Candidate
zhan1910 AT purdue DOT edu
Walker 300
Joining Semester: Fall 2013
Research Interest: Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Network Analysis, Recommendation System, Database Security and Privacy

Aritra Mandal


MS Thesis Student
amandal AT iupui DOT edu
Walker 300
Joining Semester: Fall 2016
Research Interest: distributed graph algorithms, machine learning, data mining

Students Graduated from the Lab

Md. Mansurul Bhuiyan (Now a research staff member at IBM Almaden Research Lab, San Jose)


mbhuiyan AT iupui DOT edu 
alternate email: rabbi_buet@yahoo.com
Walker 300
Joining Semester: Spring 2011
Graduated: Summer 2016
Research Interest: Data Mining, Privacy Preserving frequent pattern discovery, Large Network analysis, Big data and related technologies

Mahmudur Rahman (Now working at Amazon)


mmrahman AT iupui DOT edu
Alternative email: prime059@gmail.com
Walker 300
Joining Semester: Spring  2011
Graduated: Fall 2016
Research Interest: Data Mining, Graph Algorithms, Link Prediction and Graph Algorithms

Raja sekhar Rao Dheekonda

Walker 300
MS Thesis: Counting Topological Substructures in a Large Network using Spark
Research Interest: Distributed Machine Learning
First Employment: Morning Star, Chicago, IL